Facebook website likes

Get 3000+ Facebook website likes while using this service and they remain forever on your website.

Facebook likes increase the ranking on Google, Facebook is most used social networking site and helps in better ranking and find it easier. We all need people to like our website on one of the most used social media networking website Facebook. Sometimes publics don't want to like it because we have low number of likes, so there is one solution.

This service gets exactly what you need, you will get 3000++ and more than 3000 Facebook likes in the couple of days with retention. Sometime you can see 1 to 2 likes drop down in the number of Facebook likes of website page. It will definitely help you to gain traffic and exposure.

Please note: This service if for facebook likes for your website. Not facebook likes of you facebook page. Please click here to get service of facebook likes for your fanpage.

Price: $21.00
Estimated Delivery  6 days
Product Code:  FacebookWebsiteLikes
Availability:  10

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